Patterns are everywhere. That regularity of repetition, that insistent rhythm that animates a flat surface with a sense of movement and depth, is something that we all have in common. The arrangement of petals on a flower, the symmetrical growth of stems and vines, the spirals of a seashell – pattern is inherent in the natural world that surrounds us. And Just as the rhythm of nature, surface design is everywhere. Everything you own, wear, and use is created by a pattern designer. From your bed linnens to the clothes you wear. Before there was a product, there was a pattern design for it. Featuring both digitally manipulated and stunning hand-drawn and painted creations, Lottie Norton’s designs are often highly detailed and full of life. Photographic elements are often included in her work to complement the hand-painted figures, and Lottie works hard deciphering the current market alongside future trends. This propels her creations and shows her skill at interpreting what designs will make their impact on the world.