I am a Brighton based artist UK. I studied animation at Edinburgh College of Art, and Graphic Design at The Surrey Institute of Art and design. Currently working on illustration and repeat patterns. My ambition – to get my patterns on to everything. If you are interested in collaborating, esp textile designers, please get in […]


The originality of Lottie’s artwork lie in her ability to experience the world as an artist with the ability to mould reality in a way that only a designer can. When it comes to techniques, Lottie specializes in digital integrated practices within everything from fabrics to tiles. She uses digital software, processes, and techniques to […]


Patterns are everywhere. That regularity of repetition, that insistent rhythm that animates a flat surface with a sense of movement and depth, is something that we all have in common. The arrangement of petals on a flower, the symmetrical growth of stems and vines, the spirals of a seashell – pattern is inherent in the […]